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Wearbuds Are like AirPods on Your Wrist

Wearbuds are a new take on the fully wireless earbuds trend. They are like Apple AirPods that charge in a fitness band.

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Wearbuds Discovery

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Redefined. Reimagined. Revolutionary. Patented.

A revolutionary milestone of true wireless stereo that frees you from inconvenient charging, easy-to-lose buds, monstrous charging cases, and other headaches.

Wearbuds™ are destined to redefine wearable audio by merging the wireless earphones and the fitness band together.

Reimagine the future of wearable audio with our innovative design.

AiPower Wearbuds offer uncompromising sound quality.
Uncompromising Sound Quality

Wearbuds™ guarantee you an impressive sound experience with advanced dynamic drivers and the latest Bluetooth technology. Whether you are running in a bustling city or cycling in a crowded park, powerful music will transport you to a different world.

Fit for Every Moment

Wearbuds™ are your personal workout companion that pushes you towards your fitness goal and tracks everything with more accuracy than ever. Meanwhile, Wearbuds™ fulfill your active lifestyle seamlessly via our dedicated app for iOS & Android.

AiPower Wearbuds can help to fit for every moment like setting fitness goal.
Ultra-stable Bluetooth Connection
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